I'm a product designer and design team leader who invents simple and elegant solutions for Silicon Valley and Hollywood. I have 20 years experience designing all aspects of a products and services, from high-level strategy and branding to detailed UI and technical minutiae.

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My portfolio spans two decades of change – from 1990's "multimedia" to today's modern lean, agile and collaborative product design. Constant has been my passion to build great products with smart teams. Together, we test assumptions, invent solutions and refine the UX design into its simplest form.

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The portfolio shows some past projects, but the most recent ones are not included. I can share some bits about those projects personally if you contact me.

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I'm always looking for new challenges, working in San Francisco – or beyond. If you have a dynamic team and want to build great products, let's talk!

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My three kids: Ruby, Jack and Collagewall behind me.